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My life is a Wonderland

follow the white rabbit

the legendary Usagi
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Usagi Here!
Ohayo, Everyone... I'd like to point out that I've had this journal for aproximately 8 years... and for four of those years I haven't upadated this profile... until now, mwuahahahaha!!!
right now I'm getting bombarded by work, school, and my hobbie, shadowcasting...
general, I'm an easy person to get along with... and that can lead to me being so god damned trusting... I think the best of most people and those that are worse than others I feel it's due to a bad influence or a horrible and scarring life experience...
I'm an aunt and a godmother...
I hate emo boys...
currently single... sort of... I guess :/... meh...
I hope you enjoy reading my journal... now you know too much and I may be force to get rid of you... :D