the end of 2009 and bringing in 2010

in the past year, I gained a new best friend, strengthened a few friendships, had some friends move away, watched my nephew learned how to walk and taught him to say "om nom nom nom".
I joined the colonial marines.
I did karaoke and liked it.
I made some fabulous costumes.

this year was amazing for me. I can't imagine what next year holds for me. I finish school in 5 weeks :) and after that there will be adventures with my closest friends.

also I'm getting back into theatre with both acting and costuming.

again. let me re-iterate. this year rocked and I can hardly wait for 2010.

things are good.

got cast in a show.
designing for 2 shows.
also internship is on it's way.
portfolio is going to kick my ass. it's only the second week and I hope I come out of it alive with a "C".

everything else in my life seems to be picking up in the best way possible. socially, I'm in an incredibly good place. I have the best friends ever. dorothy will be moving closer, not to orlando. but driving distance :). sean is one of my best friends ever and is actually keeping me sane during this term. lords knows I need a rock to keep me grounded. I'm actually terrified about graduating. I feel great and accomplished, but terrified.

well thats it for right now.
just letting everyone know whats going on.

quick update

mom's the best ever.
sean is an amazing person.
all my friends are wonderful.
birthday was nothing short of AWESOME :)
new purse.
new boots (that are also really great for magenta FTW)
and a new haircut.

this weekend:
Jekyll and Hyde

will attempt to see "assasins" but really short on money and I don't have anyone to go with :(


and making time to get out of the city to maybe visit someone while she's down here :3

school starts back up this week.
morgan is coming back soon to visit.
trying to make time for disney before our passes expire.

I can elaborate more later. ;)

(no subject)

here I am waiting for a download to happen and I thought to myself "oh man it's been forever since I posted here!" no the reason I keep livejournal is because of the wonderful filters. if you are reading this, you certainly are considered one of my dearest friends. but today is a public post day.

I've been soooooo busy with schoolwork this term it's unbelievable.
that, and I've been going to HHN with my frequent fear pass when I could. and come to find out I could've gone on friday and saturday the past 2 weekends. isn't that just silly? speaking of which, Jackie and I went last night on halloween because fear passes were yet again extended. so we made plans for the final bill&ted show. and it was SOOO MUCH AMAZING!  I really wanted to say hi to John Wright who played Bruno, but I didn't get a chance to do so.
sean's been at the frankenstein house for the remainder of the run. I've been living vicariously through him I guess since he got hired. I auditioned on the last day they had auditions and all they were taking were guys.  he looked really good in that costume. it was all steampunk and it made me giddy. I got specs of the costume and was able to touch it, since it was sean that was in it. of course I only touched the costume to see what it was made out of... maybe... :3

next year I'm auditioning EARLY! and requesting th 31st off so I can see the bill&ted final show.

as far as any richweirdoes stuff. I've been doing preshows and playing janet. it's been fun. I'm trying to learn magenta and getting some ideas thrown out for a couple of preshows.
I'm definitely doing a spring awakening preshow. ACTUAL SINGING INVOLVED!  I still need the karaoke track though. and blondie and i will be working on "what is this feeling?" from Wicked. and I have a Dr. Horrible preshow in mind aswell. and depending on what I want done with that, I may have it be sung as well

I'm gearing up for another audition for Universal soon. I'm not giving out details because very soon I will be out of a job. (that story will come soon). I want to secure myself with some form of payment til I graduate and use to save up to move to new york and go to dragoncon.

like I said I'll be out of a job soon. Sears is letting me go. I'm getting laid off because I don't fit into their service integration.  oh well. I hated that job anyway. no really it's kind of a shit hole. atleast I'm eligible for unemployment, and i get some kind of a severence package. ::shrug:: I move on. speaking of which I'm applying for stuff through . I found a good posting and I fit all the requirements. except I'm currently still is school. ONE MORE TERM!!! it's a costume design job in New York. I really hope they take a look at my resume and alteast try to contact me. if I get that design job, I'll be set for LIFE.
if I don't get it, I'm still stuck here till I can afford to move up there.

me thinks that's about it for an update.


... BOB HOSKINS?!?!...

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Life With humanrabbit (PAX, 3:00): humanrabbit (Bob Hoskins) invents a new kind of sneakers and gets lulumattei (Judy Garland) to sell it. The next day, moose138 (Tori Spelling) thinks tenshikun (Penelope Cruz) is a Martian. Afterwards, 100timesgoodbye (Ginger Rogers) gets mad at kourtn3y (Antonio Banderas) and decides to join the Peace Corps. Nearby, electronickiss (Jimmy Stewart) bites grey_dancer (Katharine Hepburn). Also, amurana (John Travolta) hits on britlove007 (Laura Dern)'s co-worker. Presented in HDTV.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

the fact that louie is played by judy garland make me laugh to the point of peeing my pants

finally updating

ok so I have a few complaints about it but it was still amazing and not nearly as depressing as last year...

we started the con right by getting there a good hour earlier that we though we would... and taking celebratory shots in the hotel room for it...

decided it was clearly time to put the effort out there... so I sustained my fan-girliness and went to see James Marsters...  well big fat duh I was nervous... so I talked to him thanks to the line being uber short... and he does infact remember me... he PERSONALIZED THE AUTOGRAPH!!! He's not allowed to do that but he did for me <3 <3 <3 ... LOOOOOOVE.... I handed him my phone number and my room number...
not like I really expected him to call me or anything... but I still put myself out there to someone I've idolized since I was 14... so nothing happened with james marsters after that... but there's always next year and possible FX if he shows up again :3...

I wore my steampunk stuff and oddly enought I felt underdressed... like I didn't have enough leather and should've worn a corset... later on, I wore the gown I made and had the boys escort me to the time travelers ball... except... it was at capacity and we couldn't get in... LAME... so we walked around and hung out at the bars... the marriotte became the new hyatt... it was packed and you couldn't move...

saturday we woke up really early to get ready for the parade... that was a lot of fun... we were on the news :)
our group, the USCM was head of the parade...

afterwards we went to the micheal beihn panel, and then did the colony sweep... I was running to keep up with them to take a crap ton of pictures... I need a better camera... and I can only imagine how tired sean and avvy were with carrying those HUGE guns around...

later on we got ready for dinner, I wore my spiderman sundress that I made... that's right spiderman sundress.... went to the delicious USCM dinner....

afterwards avvy, sean and i went back to the hotel room and passed out... we were dead tired... too tired to go see the rocky horror picture show hosted by FREAKING BARRY BOSTWICK! luckily bart went and got video...

sunday I ran around in my megara dress... and I got one of three things from different people...
"OMG! You're the best megara I've seen all weekend!" 
"are you Inara from firefly?"
"Jasmine! from aladdin!"

lol I love dragoncon...

bear season... oh the freaking joy

another month goes by and I can proudly say "Hey! I'm still NOT preggers! WOOOOOT!"

but unfortunately there's still pain and mood swings of doom....
and when I get mood swings, I get things like paranoia, frustration, depression, and think WAY too hard on one subject when I know I should be focusing on something else...

I've been thinking a lot lately of one particular subject...

but that'll be save for a more private post...

anyway... 2 weeks from now I'll be waiting in line to see the buffy panel with James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter...

and in 2 weeks I won't be in bear season :3 ... FTW 



kryptic post

ever been so angry with someone that you want to punch them in the face repeatedly but know you can't because you have no real grounds to do so?

or how about fear that you may be replaced by someone better? 

or fear that this may be as good as it gets?

yes yes and no...

your answers?