the legendary Usagi (humanrabbit) wrote,
the legendary Usagi

it's just the stress

ok... I've had a wacky emotional roller coaster going... I've been happy, angry, depressed, happy again...
maybe I'm bi-polar? nah...
it's just bear season... it's weird to have your last week of school forever, while the PMS is happening... also breaking out like crazy now... it's weird.

anywho, I'm getting myself slowly back together... I did laundry yesterday, gonna finish with the cleaning of my room. then, once I get cleaning materials, its off to scrub that bathroom CLEAN! MWAHAHAHA!
after that... ORGANIZING MY SEWING/LIVING ROOM! OMG... it needs it BAD and I may need help with moving furniture and organizing fabrics.

work... well, lets just say I will be very happy when I get laid off...

it's been retarded here at sears and I don't know how much longer I can hold out... I've been here 3 years... it's sad, I should've gotten out a LONG time ago... I'm gonna try to work some more hours next week though, since they are gonna lay me off... I still need money...
also... I'm set for the road trip in may... now we gotta set a couple of weeks... and figure out which cars we are taking and who we are going to visit...

my list may involve my cousin, nicole, anthony, bart, kelly, dorothy and dalles. and that's only my list, we have others in my group with other people to visit while making our trek :)
also going to awesome places to eat...
I'm wicked excited about it :)

I'm really happy schools done. I feel complete... :)... now I just need to please my parents by getting married and providing grandchildren... pffffff HAHAHAHAHA! XD!
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