the legendary Usagi (humanrabbit) wrote,
the legendary Usagi

I've gotta hydrate today

ok... well other than being a random emotional wreck of a person. the past fews week have definitely been a trial for me... I've been pushing myself to the very limits... with EVERYTHING... my emotions are out of wack, my brain feels like it's going to explode, and my heart feels like it can't beat any more...

but I've finally made it to today...
today when I am finished with school forever... or until I decide I want my masters in costuming (I'll definitely need to go to new york for that).
but I achieved the goal of not only finishing school, but I am one student that hasn't gotten pregnant while being in school. win.

today I'm drinking myself silly in celebration at fiddler's green. I would like to see everyone there. at least everyone who is able to drink with me :).
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